Reflection from a K-9 Police Handler


For the second time this summer Jago and I were called to the scene of a State park for report of someone missing. This evening it was to Wallum lake in Douglas for 2 young girls who wandered off into the woods. The outcome was good, the girls were located and safely returned to their parents.



You were taken too soon. You were my age. Taken away by a man who, “wanted to be famous”.
You sir, you will be the famous one. You are the one who followed through in your goals to be a police officer in the city you grew up in. You asked to be placed in the toughest part of the city so you can learn as much as possible, all while making a difference in the city you loved so dear.
You, Officer Santiago, will make a difference. While you only worked the streets for seven months, the difference you will make will last for a long time.
The word is already spreading that Jersey City may put bullet proof windshields in patrol cars. The city is going to start a crackdown on crime in the precinct you wished so much to help clean up.
You, Melvin Santiago, are a brother. Forever a brother of that thin blue.
Officer Melvin Santiago Jersey City Police Department End of Watch 07/13/2014

CHP Dodge Charger SMPV
Happy Fourth of July!

A CHP officer saved the life of a Chihuahua that somehow ended up on the median of I-680 over the weekend near San Jose. The officer used a protein bar to coax the frightened dog into his protective custody.

End of Watch…rest.