CHP Police Interceptor Utilities (and an Expedition)

State Police cruisers from all 50 states

Last night, September 12 at approximately 2300 hours, a Pennsylvania State Trooper was shot and killed and another was injured inside the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Pike County Pennsylvania. Rest easy brother.


Federal Law Now Protects Canine Cops & Horses

For those tempted to punch a horse during a demonstration or kick a narcotics dog sniffing at your bag, the U.S. government has a new message: Keep your paws off or you will go to jail.

Harming these four-legged law agents is now a federal offense.

Under the Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act, which went into effect this week, anyone convicted of purposely assaulting, maiming, or killing federal law enforcement animals such as police dogs and horses could be fined at least $1,000 and spend up to 10 years in prison. Previously, the animals were covered by a variety of state, rather than federal, laws.

The United States Police Canine Association and The Humane Society believe the new law will not only provide more protection for the animals they but also deter criminals, particularly in drug stings, from targeting canines.


9-11-01 and 9-11-14
We will never forget.

Never forget

"As the 13th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 approaches, remember the 2,753 people that were killed that day. The 343 Firefighters, 23 NYPD officers, the 37 PAPD officers, and the 30,000 responders that have been certified as having one or more 9/11-associated illness or injury; two-thirds of them have two or more illnesses, and about 2,800 have been diagnosed with cancer."

Trooper Slick was caught reading books in our lobby to some of our youngest customers while mom was transacting business. He is a testament of the many caring law enforcement officers we have in our community keeping us safe. Thank you Trooper Slick!